Bachelor Cooking!

This page is dedicated to simple recipes that are tasty and will please your guests. The idea is that any dish you find here will be fool proof, any fool can prepare these dishes and they will turn out great. Nothing difficult; canned and frozen ingredients are welcome (meaning standard), even the occasional box mix will turn up as an ingredient in recipes here.

If it has tricky timing, or if you have to get just the right amount of something or it falls, it won’t be here. If it’s dangerous in a you-could-die sort of way, like Lutefisk, it won’t be here.

If you have a dish that you think belongs here, send it! Same goes for jokes!

NO promises are made regarding gluten, Halal, Kosher, lactose, vegan, or vegetarian concerns.

Bachelor Antipasto
Bachelor Casserole
Bachelor Chili
Bachelor Jalapeno Poppers
Bachelor Macaroni and Cheese
Shepherd’s Pie – coming soon!
Shrimp Fried Rice

A little fun:

“I’m a Green Vegetarian, animals eat plants and I eat animals – it’s like recycling!”

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