Your childhood drink meets your college drink to become the drink of your adulthood!

We all had an orange Crush or orange Nehi as kids. If we liked it, it became our drink of choice for years. Then much too soon (not nearly soon enough, depending on your perspective), college came along and you discovered Fireball (or Kentucky Fire, or Tennessee Fire – sometimes called Jack Fire) and if you liked it, that became your drink of choice.

Now you’ve grown up. You no longer seek that drink that will render you comatose in one go. If you are still drinking after college (I know some of you quit) you settled on a favorite, then changed it a few years later, and then again… yeah. So my loving wife came up with an idea which we tried and loved.

What goes in it:

  • 12 oz orange soda – get a good brand, don’t ruin this with some cheap crap!
  • 2 oz Fireball whiskey – there are other wonderful cinnamon whiskeys, but they don’t set off the drink the same way.

You have an easy-to-drink drink that you can taste the cinnamon all the way through but it’s never overpowering.

You’re welcome!

What’s that? What’s it called? That’s an interesting question. I googled for it and while others have discovered the wonder that is orange soda and Fireball, no one has named it. I came up with several names for it, but knowing the bar-crowd on this planet, I thought it prudent to check before I applied the first name I thought appropriate. Napalm, Atomic Bomb, Fire Bomb, and Orange Crush are all taken by drinks that are different enough to legitimately be called different drinks. For now, it’s just orange soda and Fireball!

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