I thought you, my readers, should have some background on the universe in which these stories are set. To facilitate this background, I will refer to 4 worlds;
world A – the world you, my readers, and I live in,
world B – the world of the DC and Marvel (and other) comics you and I read,
world C – the world you see in this website,
world D – the world described in the comic books the people of world C read.

OK, off we go!

In world C, their comic books (world D) had different versions of superheroes than you and I are used to (in world B) which is why the secret identities of the supers in C are not obvious to everyone. This background is a list of some of the world D heroes this world C is used to.

World D’s Batman (as opposed to The Bat in C) is a not-quite-broke landlord who lives in the basement of his building. He was orphaned as a child and was thus motivated to fight crime. The grandfather who moved in to live with him and care for him becomes his accomplice in sustaining the Batman operation. They benefit from the discovery of old catacombs inhabited by bats which inspire his crime-fighting personality. Funding is helped by some valuable discoveries in the catacombs but sustaining his crime-fighting campaign is accomplished by freely looting the operations of the criminals he fights. His tactics include more sneaking and deceiving enemies to fight each other rather than direct confrontation, although he can fight well. His costume is darker than the Bat, there is no yellow bat symbol on his chest, his batbelt is not yellow, and his face is fully obscured by his mask. In D, Batman can “Batcry” to disorient his enemies and echo-locate things and people around him. He can also actually fly (using gadgets) so he does not have a car, boat or helicopter. He does use the catacombs, sewers, and subway tunnels extensively to move about undetected. World D’s Nightwing and Robin were orphans he took in at his building, looked after, and included in his crime-fighting “family.” Nightwing has a black costume with blue piping and can fly, Robin has a circus-performer looking outfit and can fly with gadget assistance. Their cooperation with their Commissioner is entirely covert, no bat signal, no rooftop stuff, it’s all in the sewers under the precinct.

World D Captain America is much the same as in world B. American Pryde does not exist in D, in C she is Captain America’s daughter. In D, Captain America runs for President funded by a billionaire inventor, serves two terms, and vetoes a Constitutional Amendment that would have allowed him to continue being elected as long as he wanted before leaving office. Yes, dear reader, I’m aware world A’s Constitution does not give the President any power to veto an amendment, but in world D, apparently, it does.

Thor, in D, is your basic Asgardian deity with no need for a secret identity.

Superman, who doesn’t exist in C, can be found in D looking much the same as in B. There is no mention of a Supergirl in D. Xtreme, C’s nearest equivalent to either one, is laid out well in the “Recruiting” story. She and her parents crash-land near Roswell, but her parents didn’t survive long enough to benefit from the yellow sun and the baby girl was adopted and raised by earth parents. No secret data-storage crystals, no Super-power primer for her to watch and instantly become powerful, no alien insignia on her chest. She was once attacked by powerful villains and rendered naked because no earth clothing could stand up to the assault she shook-off before beating (literally) her attackers. (This was before I played in the campaign so the story won’t appear here unless another player contributes it – don’t expect any illustration of the end of the battle). The Hulk, also referenced in the “Recruiting” story, appears in D as you are used to seeing in B. In C, something similar appears once but he is grey.

Hardware, and Cobblestone resemble Dakotaverse Hardware and the Thing of world B. In D, there is no Kitty Pryde.

Hope this helps. The point is that the comics these folks read are no help identifying the supers that appear in this world (apart from Captain America and maybe Dr. von Domovich).