Blast From the Past.

One of the cornerstone players from the RPG campaign I mentioned on the site’s frontpage has launched his own site to post work related to that campaign and who knows what all else. There’s a wealth of references to characters that,… could use a whole lot more supporting information because they were fascinating!!! If we are all fortunate, we will see a lot more stuff!

Check him out!

Hello World!

This site is my opportunity to tell a great story built on the characters and storytelling universe created mostly by others, many of whom stood on the shoulders of giants.  This blog is intended for the discussion of the characters, universe, and story.  All comments are welcome provided they are civil, even “critical” comments.  No flame-spraying.  If you have to ask what flame-spraying is, or whether or not what you want to say is flame-spraying, you probably should not bother submitting it.