This is a fansite, first and foremost. IP rights being the contentious issue they are, no one associated with this site has any intention to profit/benefit from violating anyone’s IP rights. All material on this website not otherwise marked or acknowledged below is the intellectual property (IP) of the members of Asylum Raiders (AR) – the MMO players mentioned in the introduction.

The main plot is inspired by Marvel’s Mutant-fear storyline, DC’s Crisis of Infinite Earths, and several other storylines from both publishers. Several of the acts or story bits actually posted are AR work (with due acknowledgments to the inspiration of others).

All characters on this website will fall into one of two intellectual property categories (noted on the character description page):

Original – the character is entirely the work of one or more of the members of AR. Similarities to mainstream-media characters may be found to exist, but the character’s creation was not influenced by the work of another. For example, while people have suggested similarities exist between Bunni zu Heltzer and Marvel Universe’s Storm of the X-men, Bunni is an entirely original character. The powers, abilities, origins and histories of these two characters bear no similarity what-so-ever. Bunni’s eyes have bleached irises, Storm’s eyes are normal. Bunni has fangs, Storm doesn’t. Storm has a long heritage, Bunni, after 5000 years, effectively has none. Their similarities are few – both are tall, both have dark skin, both have white hair – that’s it. All intellectual property rights for original characters are reserved by their creator(s).

Copied – while some aspects of a character may be original, major aspects of the character were based specifically on the intellectual property of someone else and are used here under the “fan-art” concept. No attempt is made to claim any intellectual property rights on copied characters regardless how different they may be from their mainstream-media cousins.