One day at The Hero Channel

This story is [PG-13]; some of the illustrations are a bit bold. This short-story is not essential to the rest of the site; you can skip it and not miss anything important.

One day at The Hero Channel, Mike and Bunni’s show at 4pm. Intro montage and opening credits have just rolled and cameras pan the stage.

Mike: [wearing a fitted tuxedo, backs onto the stage from behind the curtain-wall while saying something to someone backstage, turns and walks out haltingly, grinning uncontrollably and blushing] [audience cheers loud and long with much whistling at Mike in a tux]

Mike's entrance

Mike: Welcome to our show everyone! [Pause] Thank you! [waves] Thanks,… [waits for audience to calm down]

Mike: I suppose you are all wondering why the tux! Do you remember last show? Bunni agreed to a bet with our guest, Victor von Domovich? [mixed audience response]

Mike: Ok, for those of you who weren’t here or didn’t tune in, Victor bet Bunni that he could jump higher than these stools we have on our set without his armor – it’s common knowledge that he has a set of armor and he calls himself Dr. Doom when he’s wearing it, right?

Mike: Now these chairs are over 4 feet tall to the top of the seatback so that’s a pretty high jump. So just to be on the safe side, Bunni wanted to know what the stakes were which is smart, right? I mean Victor is always a fun guest and he can come up with some surprises so that was a good idea. OK, he agreed to make a donation of $1000 dollars to the charity of Bunni’s choice if she won, but Bunni had to agree to wear burlap on our next show if he won. And it had to be only burlap, not just something burlap along with whatever else she was wearing, everything had to be burlap.

Mike: So the way Bunni is with her wardrobe, I didn’t think she’d do it but she agreed. [audience hoots and excitement, Mike waits]

Does anyone remember the charity fashion show a few months back where Bunni wore that raspberry-colored hat thing? [raucous, animated audience response] Yeah,… [nodding, smiling and blushing] I figured I better say something, so I said it had to be something that would not cost us our broadcast license! [more audience excitement, a couple “boos” which Mike waves off]

Mike: OK! As you know, it was a sucker-bet and naturally Bunni lost, ’cause chairs can’t jump. Now I figured one of two things would happen; either Bunni would [finger quotes] “forget” about the sucker-bet and come in all stunning like she always does, or she’d actually wear all burlap and for once I’d get to upstage her! That’s why I’m in a tuxedo today! [smiles and turns around slowly as audience cheers]

Mike: Now for the moment of truth! Let’s see if I managed to beat her, OK?! Ladies and Gentlemen, my partner, Bunni zu Heltzer!

Bunni: [Strolls – or maybe struts – onto the set wearing a burlap hauberk hung over her shoulders reaching past her knees front and back, completely open on the sides, and gathered at her waist with a charcoal-colored cord]

Bunni's entrance

[audience begins applauding as she emerges, getting louder and more raucous as they realize how she is dressed]

Bunni's BAM

[Once at the front of the stage with Mike, Bunni turns side to side, strikes several poses, playing to the whistles and cheers for at least a minute as Mike watches, blushing]

Bunni pose front

Bunni's pose back

[Then the show goes on…]

4 thoughts on “One day at The Hero Channel”

        1. Given your comment has several technical points in it, I thought I should be the one to respond. Hope you don’t mind!

          Mike does want his job to survive, so his concern was legitimate. To your point, Lori, he had to work alongside her for the next 4 hours. There is a certain strain in that, and given how hard he was blushing in the first 5 minutes, that particular show must have been tough (no; it wasn’t just licensing, but Mike doesn’t go there). Finally, The HERO Channel is as public as the History Channel, MTV, or Cartoon Network (which hosts Adult Swim at 3:00 am).

          Hope this helps!

          – Editor

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