The Cast

The cast, presented in order of origin.  Sort of.  To a point.

Understanding the information on the following biographies requires an understanding of a little of my thought process.

The “statistics” (Intelligence through Recovery) are intended to describe for you the foundation or the platform upon which the power/skill set is carried – Who is this person (in this universe).  I thought about adding example numerical stats out of an RPG game system, but even a specific concept like a number gets interpreted differently by different people.

The scale, roughly speaking, from worst to best, is:

None – this person might as well be dead as far as this “statistic” is concerned.
Well below average – barely functional, often requires help, even for “easy” tasks.
Below average – can function autonomously to perform “easy” tasks
Average – The comparative standard
Above average – the highest normal capacity without professional coaching
Well above average – professional competition level
think Bobby Fischer’s intelligence
Practical human maximum – the best normal capacity without a miracle/accident
think Bruce Lee’s Speed or Dexterity or Albert Einstein’s Intelligence
Theoretical human maximum – usually not available without some fortuitous event like a research serum or a wish
think Batman’s intelligence; 1970s comic-book Batman, not the relative moron in the movies
Exceptional – beyond the limits of human DNA/RNA.
Mythical – capabilities like a mythological god/dess, unbelievable unless witnessed personally
Super – ridiculous ability such as running at light-speed or reversing the rotation of a planet
Unlimited – won’t happen here – nobody’s THAT powerful, even in a single stat except God,
and He doesn’t do comic-books.


My friends and I acknowledge the origins of most of these characters trace back to the intellectual property of others.  I attribute many things to Frank who in turn was inspired by so many other sources its difficult to list them all.

The only things on this site I claim is the overarching story which the Bat prosecutes, and the Bunni zu Heltzer character in all respects. Even Robyn’s struggle to fit in, while independently created by myself, has been done by others before me using Batgirl.

In the end I hope you find an entertaining story based on the ground work so many others have done.


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