Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred Pennyworthaka: none
Age: 62
Height: 5′-9″
Association: Wayne family

Intelligence – well above average
Sanity – average
Character – well above average
Maturity – well above average
Sophistication – practical human maximum
Wisdom – well above average
Strength – average
Speed – average
Endurance – average
Dexterity – average
Durability – average
Recovery – average

Power/Skill Set: Analysis, Business, Etiquette, Medicine, Observation, Society (and maybe more than meets the eye?)

Note: Alfred existed for many years before The Bat, but this is the place in which it seemed most appropriate to present him.

Alfred Pennyworth is the life-long servant of the Wayne household, ever since being taken in by Dr. Thomas Wayne as a destitute youth and offered the opportunity to do something besides beg and steal. He seized upon the chance and took full advantage of the Wayne’s generosity, pursuing education and, when given time off, adventure. He became utterly devoted to the family; no one he’s ever met before or since has been so generous or could recall anyone else who had been. He will serve the Wayne household the rest of his life.

IP Status: Copied

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