American Pryde

American Prydeaka: Stephanie Rogers (secret – but widely assumed)
Age: 19
Height: 5′-11″
Association: Team Liberty

Intelligence – average
Sanity – average
Character – near theoretical human maximum
Maturity – above average
Sophistication – average
Wisdom – well above average
Strength – near theoretical human maximum
Speed – near theoretical human maximum
Endurance – near theoretical human maximum
Dexterity – near theoretical human maximum
Durability – near theoretical human maximum
Recovery – near theoretical human maximum

Power/Skill Set: Acrobatics, Hand-to-hand Combat, Motorcycle, Shield, Thrown Objects,

After Stephanie was born it didn’t take long to realize that she had inherited the enhancements of the super-soldier serum from her father, Steve Rogers. She was walking at 10 months and was first found juggling wooden alphabet blocks while watching a circus act on TV at 22 months.

She became aware of her nature normally, she knew her father was Captain America, knew he was exceptionally gifted athletically, and was taught in school that kids inherited genes from their parents. Her parents confirmed her suspicions and encouraged her to accept who she was without lording her abilities over others. Yes, she got in the occasional fight in school, but she learned to avoid most fights diplomatically and other kids learned it didn’t pay to hit Stephanie – more than one bully went home with a broken nose or a black eye.

She was approached by the US Government to become American Pryde and help establish Team Liberty, a special unit to counteract terrorism after she turned 19. Terrorism acts around the world had prompted the consideration of a rapidly deployable and highly capable force to deal with short-fused emergencies. Her parents were privately disillusioned about the nobility of working with the clandestine branches of the government, but had carefully not tainted her perceptions of the glory of the United States – indeed when her father was active as a superhero, it was as Captain America in full red, white, and blue regalia (he was disappointed with the government, not his country).

While she maintains that all members of Team Liberty (the only Government sanctioned super-group) are peers, Miss Pryde is the defacto leader, in part because the rest of the team assumes the nearly 6-foot, athletic, blond, shield-wielding hero American Pryde must be the daughter of Steve Rogers/Captain America.  Originally established and sponsored by the U.S. Defense department, the Team has parted ways over issues of trust, preferring the more open arrangement with gazillionaire Jack Frost. The government continues to sanction the Team owing to the public’s opinions of Captain America, American Pryde, and the government itself. She and Captain America do not acknowledge that Stephanie Rogers and American Pryde are the same person, but they don’t waste time or sacrifice credibility denying it either.

IP Status: Original: her powers and abilities mirror those of Captain America and she is acknowledged as an homage to him, but as a descendant of a retired Cap, she is an original concept character.

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