Dr. von Domovich

 aka: Victor von Domovich (public)
Age: 47
Height: 6′- 0″
Association: Dictator of Latveria

Intelligence – near theoretical human maximum
Sanity – above average
Character – below average
Maturity – near theoretical human maximum
Sophistication – near theoretical human maximum
Wisdom – near theoretical human maximum
Strength – near mythical
Speed – practical human maximum
Endurance – near mythical
Dexterity – above average
Durability – near mythical
Recovery – near mythical

Power/Skill Set: Armor (Energy attacks, Enhanced physical attributes, Flight, Teleportation), Diplomatic immunity, Strategic planning, Subterfuge, Technology, Terrorism, +?,

Victor Von Domovich is another dictatorial leader of another second world country, Latveria. Though he denies it, he is widely believed to be responsible for the near disaster at the New York World Science Fair. For him the science fair was a chance to show off his intellect and command respect, not perpetrate an act of terror. His goals are far more ambitious than mere destruction of others.

He realizes the ramifications of failing to keep pace in a world suddenly populated by more supers than just Captain America, and he puts his scientific genius to work. Like Emperor X, he too is unwilling to remain a second fiddle in the second world. His angst is no more selective than Emperor X’s, he is willing to crush any toes (or any other body parts) in his path regardless who they are attached to.

Note: Without his armor, his physical attributes are all average.

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