Emperor X

 aka: Mankurai Blemmyes (semi-public)
Age: 68
Height: 5′-8″
Association: Emperor of Dumnonia

Intelligence – well above average
Sanity – average
Character – well below average
Maturity – above average
Sophistication – well above average
Wisdom – average
Strength – super
Speed – super
Endurance – super
Dexterity – super
Durability – above average
Recovery – super

Power/Skill Set: Strategic planning, Subterfuge, Magnetism, Terrorism, +?

Mankurai Blemmyes is the dictator of Dumnonia, a second world country with membership in the UN and undisguised hostile intentions toward the first world.

Guess who financed a spy network for the past three years to investigate rumors of a super-powered teenage girl in the New Mexico desert? Guess what spy network connected her to a very low-profile U.S. Air Force base there? Guess what those spies discovered last June while poking around to find out what might have made her super-powered? And guess how long it took them to smuggle the super-soldier serum and research back to Dumnonia when they discovered it?

And guess who insisted on being administered the stolen sample – against the advice of his scientists who argued the value of keeping the serum to study rather than relying solely on stolen documentation? Finally, guess who is no longer satisfied being a second-fiddle in the second world?

When he took the serum, it interacted with latent potential and created a magnetic-powered monster. Emperor X is wasting no time advancing his agenda in the world, and his agenda is himself. To get a real grip on this guy, think Magneto-type power with less character and zero charm. He’s on a tear using the meta-hysteria as justification for fighting a “war for survival,” but most believe he’s really only sticking up for himself.

IP Status: Copied

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