Jack Frost

Jack Frostaka: none
Height: 5′-9″
Association: Frost Holdings

Intelligence – Well above average
Sanity – above average
Character – above average
Maturity – above average
Sophistication – practical human maximum
Wisdom – above average
Strength – average
Speed – average
Endurance – well above average
Dexterity – above average
Durability – average
Recovery – well above average

Powers/Skill Set: Business, Elemental Magic (cold), Wealth,

Jack Frost owns controlling interest in the publically traded Frost Holdings. This umbrella company in turn holds controlling interest in dozens of other properties and minor interest in dozens more. Even the U.S. Government is into him for a rumored low-2-digit percentage of the national debt.

Jack Frost is a complete unknown in the super-power world. He has never used his spell-casting abilities publicly; he studies, practices, and develops his powers against the day when he will need them to defend himself, his family, and his property. Unknown to the world, on rare occasions he tests the development of his powers by going to the far northern Canadian islands to manipulate icebergs and, more recently, polar vortexes.

IP Status: Copied

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