Krakenaka: Karl Frakker (revealed after capture)
Age: 36
Height: 5′- 10″

Intelligence – Practical human maximum
Sanity – Below average
Character – Below average
Maturity – Above average
Sophistication – Above average
Wisdom – Above average
Strength – Exceptional
Speed – Exceptional
Endurance – Super
Dexterity – Exceptional
Durability – Practical human maximum
Recovery – Average

Power/Skill Set: Extended life support, Extra limbs, Knowledge skills (bio-mechanics, mechanical engineering, neuro-electronic engineering), Weapon familiarity (grenades (concussion, fragmentation, teargas, and thermite)),

A scientist and genius, when supers began to appear he decided to join the ranks of the no-longer-average by putting his knowledge base to work. He exploited the facilities at the prosthetics development manufacturer where he works (ok, worked) to create exceptionally strong, flexible, and fast extra limbs that are part of a fire and cold resistant, protective suit that also insulates him from environmental hazards (diseases, gas, etc.).

What’s that? Sounds a little like Dr. Octopus? Yes, a highly intelligent if unstable Doctor, an 8-limbed sea creature, throw in an insulated, self-contained atmosphere,… why, just add some grenades and you get a guy who’s a blast to be around, in fact you’re sure to have a gas and a real hot-time!

IP Status: Copied

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