The Shoveler

The Shoveleraka: Eddy Strong (Public)
Age: 36
Height: 5′- 10″

Intelligence – Average
Sanity – Average
Character – Average
Maturity – Average
Sophistication – Average
Wisdom – Average
Strength – Exceptional
Speed – Exceptional
Endurance – Exceptional
Dexterity – Theoretical human maximum
Durability – Exceptional
Recovery – Theoretical human maximum

Power/Skill Set: Hand to hand combat, Physical prowess, Weapon familiarity (shovel)

Eddy was an aspiring athlete all his life, basketball, football, you name it. It didn’t work out for him. The truth is he wasn’t very coachable – with his size, height and strength, he felt his coaches were missing the obvious fact that he was their best asset on any team. While his Nuclear Fructosion incident made him even bigger, stronger and faster, it didn’t help his ability to accept advice.

When he graduated high-school without any college or professional sports prospects and found himself digging ditches for money, he became understandably (if not justifiably) resentful. Then it happened, he saw what sheer power could do for people like Doctor Domovich and Emperor X and decided to pursue his “true destiny.”

IP Status: Copied

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