The Spider

The Spideraka: Peter Porter (private)
Age: 15
15Height: 5′- 7″
Association: none

Intelligence – practical human maximum
Sanity – average
Character – average
Maturity – below average
Sophistication – below average
Wisdom – below average
Strength – exceptional
Speed – mythical
Endurance – exceptional
Dexterity – mythical
Durability – mythical
Recovery – mythical

Power/Skill Set: Elemental control (web), Exceptional physical prowess, Genius, Sixth sense (danger),

Nuclear Fructosion (and a Lactrodectus Hasselti in the bottle) produced this character. Straight rip-off of Spiderman for powers and abilities.

In this story-world, he is still in highschool.

IP Status: Copied

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