Batlog 11

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June 14, – 4:40pm

A major paradigm shift just happened.

Members of Team Liberty have given interviews only rarely, and then only the government-sanctioned members. There are unsanctioned members; the government doesn’t interfere with them because supers operating with the Team inherently have Captain America’s and American Pryde’s endorsement – that alone assures a certain minimum level of behavioral acceptability to the government. Sentinels and PRIMUS operatives have more pressing business to deal with. Regardless, unsanctioned members haven’t given interviews.

American Gladiator, The HERO Channel’s corporately sponsored and funded “superhero” who also hosts their “Who Wants to be a Superhero?” show has given frequent interviews in studio settings and on the street; he’s a high-profile government sanctioned operator – he has nothing to fear. Buddy Kirby, the professional-wrestler-come-super in San Diego, has been interviewed on the street several times, never formally in a studio setting – his celebrity status and extremely high-profile obviate the need for PRIMUS interest in him. Emperor X and Dr. Doom have made public statements on main-stream media to advance their ideologies and agendas – they are protected by their Diplomatic status.

No unsanctioned super wanted by the government has ever made a public statement of any kind – until now.

Robyn aroused my displeasure on the only occasion she ever operated with me. For that, she wanted to apologize and to explain her actions. She also wanted to tell the general public who she was as a super, so this afternoon she did something that no wanted super had ever done before; she gave an open interview to a major-market broadcaster from a well known, public location. She has changed the way supers interact with the public forever. While that may not be understood yet, by tomorrow morning the entire world will be affected.

So much for Robyn not being creative.

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