Batlog 6

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BATLOG: April 23,
The Columbians will attempt go get retribution for my work on their slave trade. I would hate to think that destroying a quarter-million dollar aircraft would not get their attention. I am anxious for them to come.

Blackwing and I have been constructing a fake hideout near the warehouse we busted three nights ago. Most of the work is done. Tonight we have to clean up the real evidence so that any “investigators” find only what we want them to find. Then we make sure the Columbians notice us traveling in the area and wait for them to “find” our “hideout”. Since all the license plates at the airport incident were bogus, the best way to locate and isolate a bunch of them at once seems to be to bait them into coming after us. Once they get us where we want them, we can “question” them more closely…

I am concerned. Blackwing and I have both noticed someone in a hang glider shadowing us over the last couple days. She has located this warehouse and she has been watching us from the roof next door. She is very good. It is difficult to hear her except that her heartbeat is like a trip hammer and she might as well breathe like a quarter-horse. Usually I can’t see her at all, she uses the shadows very well. Tonight when we were bringing in the car chassis, she was walking by disguised as a wino. If it had not been for her heartbeat and breathing, I might not have realized it was her. I admire her skill, if she gets her nerves under control, she might even be a challenge to us. She has developed much stealth and climbing ability, and the hang glider is a nice touch. She is snoops around like a fan rather than an adversary. Might make it awful easy for people to find me if they figure out she is shadowing us. We will have to introduce ourselves to her sometime.

Since she has been shadowing us, she may also have watched the BAT impersonator who has been getting so much press lately. Someone posing as me has been battling criminals in places where I haven’t been. Perhaps she will share her information. I don’t like someone else using my name. So far, the actions have all been legitimate, but I need to find out who it is and what the angle is, and soon. I do not want an overzealous copycat on my conscious.

On another subject, the information from the data recorders J. Cranton was nice enough to take into PRIMUS headquarters for us has revealed a lot about their security, but I am not sure how much good it will do us. Their security is very tight. The guards themselves do not concern me, nor do the detection devices. All corridors are lit all the time and every door and window has sensors. I have recovered all the keycodes I need, all the retinal and palm print scanner locations, the verbal passwords and the frequency with which they change, and of course his password to his workstation in his office. I am confident I could piece together a palmprint and a retinal lens for the detectors. I could even defeat the password at his workstation, even if he were to change it, given enough time. It is the verbal passwords that are different at every floor that concern me. Even J. Cranton submitted to this check very scrupulously. I would not be able to blow off the check and still impersonate him, and the passwords I got from the recorders will only be valid for 2 more days. Access from the outside is out of the question. There are barometric pressure sensors in every room, and every room is nearly air-tight. Any breach in the skin of the building would show up immediately and then I would be facing a response from their security forces. Those guys are not clowns. I would not be able to just sit down and take my time logging in to J. Cranton’s workstation.

Blackwing and I have worked up a model of much of the interior of PRIMUS headquarters, the bulk of our information is limited to administrative spaces. So far we have plotted three complete routes from the outside to J. Cranton’s office, but the shortest, access from the roof, has three verbal passwords. Amazing. The simplest defenses are always the hardest to defeat.

There is some interesting data about their special equipment section too. Most interesting was their familiarity with the metaX mutagen and their development of a selective toxin for use against metaXs. That must have been the gas the Spider stopped with his webbing at ComiCon in Los Angeles. Hopefully I can use the information to develop an antidote for Blackwing. Most of Team Liberty are not true metaXs so they won’t be affected. And the Spider seems to have countered the threat independently. I wonder how?

April 25,
The girl with the hang glider is difficult to ignore. She is still shadowing us but she doesn’t always use the hang glider. She has been using a swingline, and she seems to be learning very quickly. She is definitely studying how Blackwing and I operate. I think she is the BAT copycat. At least she is studying the real thing and not theory or worse, the papers. Best plan right now seems to be to let her follow us, makes keeping tabs on her easier. Not actually easy, because the intent has been to watch for her to quit for the night and then follow her to find out who she is. Problem is, when she disappears, she does a really good job of it. It is difficult to follow her and she usually leaves when we need to head for our fake hideout. We can’t fail to make our appearance there or the ruse will be up. So far PRIMUS and the Columbians are watching that warehouse. Disappearing in secret identity is going to get challenging soon.

That is twice she’s slipped away from me. I must re-prioritize and make a point of intercepting the kite-girl, soon. She is very capable and if she is on our side, then we ought to talk and combine forces. If not…

April 27,
I continue to operate unhindered by the ignorant, poorly led mobs who seek to stop Blackwing and I from our work. The Columbians have spread quite a bit of money around, uniting local gangs in a bid to stop us. This was unforeseen, but entirely acceptable.

I have not seen the Kite Girl for two days. She may somehow be connected with the Columbians, perhaps as a mercenary. She located the warehouse. She has raised the interest of local gangs by patrolling as me. It is worth investigating.

April 28,
Blackwing and I were patrolling the barrios again. We were about to thwart a gang assault when The BAT appeared at in the alley in question. It was a good impersonation visually, but completely failed to strike any terror into the gang’s members. They pursued “The BAT” and quickly isolated “him” to the adjacent warehouse where they pressed their attack. We entered via the roof vents and observed, ready to intervene.

Observing the Kite Girl
The above image will appear very dark. This is intentional as the setting is intended to be The Bat’s normal working environment.

It turned out to be the kite-girl. She defeated them in short order with boomerangs in a very calm, collected performance. She is getting much better regarding her fears and her nervous excitement. We were about to approach her when she walked directly into the stream of light from the broken down door to retrieve their motorcycle. Instead, both of us just watched her inspect the bike and then leave on it. She has a draining effect that saps your will to act. I didn’t realize the accumulating effects until we could see her clearly, then the full force hit us and it was too late. I know how to defeat it, but the conditioning will take time.

Observations: She is 5 feet tall, 98 pounds, 14-15 years of age, and extremely well trained. She is not an accidental learner. She wears a gray leotard that covers everything but her face, which is Caucasian, and her hair, which is black. This time, she was wearing thigh high boots and three-quarter length gloves, also black. The only bright coloring, which she always displays, is a bright red, strapless bustier that extends upward, stopping at the base of her neck. Overall, she uses the same coloring as an American Red Breasted Robin. One thing we both noticed in the light, she had a stylized yellow “R” on the left side of her bustier. Is she spoofing Robin from the comics? Or perhaps she is calling herself Robyn?

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