Robyn’s Diary 3

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Rachael with her new diary.
February 18, 2004
Dear Diary
The news is saying that anyone who drank that tainted stuff is a metaX, whatever that is. They say they are all monsters. But I drank some too! I was in the hospital! What if they think I am a monster? What can I do?
Rachel Lawless

March 4
Dear Diary,
I can’t believe it! Is there really a Batman like in the comics? The papers all say he is a monster but I don’t know. I hope he’s real! I hope he’s like the comics! Dark and mysterious! He would be like this man out there watching us all and protecting us! How romantic!

March 6
I saw him on the news! He was on TV! Oh, he’s real! Oh my God! I can’t stand it! Oh, I want to meet him! How do I do it? Will he be all smart like the comics? Mysterious and dark and handsome? He is dark and handsome! Maybe he’ll have a cave and a mansion and be rich! Ohhhhhhhhh isn’t that exciting? Oh diary, I can’t stand it!

March 23
My father had another party today. Kiss-up parties as my sister likes to call them. That’s not what she likes to do though! Not unless she’s on bottom. You should have seen her today. She was snockered! And that Marc Wayne guy, what a louse! But I could have kissed him today! My sister made such a fool of herself! She took him upstairs to mom and dad’s room! Big mistake! Dad was so mad when he found out! When they got there they were necking right there on their bed! Then the burglar showed up and ruined everything! Dad and his agents went chasing after him instead of dealing with the juicy stuff! By the time they got back, Marc had left and dad forgot all about Julia. Oh well.

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