Robyn’s Diary 11

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June 14,
Dear Diary!
I did it! I apologized to the Bat! I’m about to watch it on TV! I can’t believe it! It’s amazing! Gosh I hope he likes it! Let me tell you about it!

I’ve been just all bummed out since I upset the Bat and Sensei said I need to move on and I figured that if the Bat forgave me, everything would be ok and so I needed to apologize so I figured out how to do it so he’d be sure to hear it! It’s going to be everywhere! OK, so today was an in-service day at school, but Mom and Dad never pay any attention to that stuff, so I didn’t say anything, so this morning I just did the usual and dressed for school and left. It took almost an hour on the MTA, but I didn’t want anyone wondering, so I did it.

Times Square is crazy. Everyone is all plugged in and looking down at their cell phone unless they are talking to someone they are with. Everyone is rushing around unless they are in line for something, Nobody notices anything – except the tourists, they notice everything, except when they all stand in front of the studios trying to get on TV. Everybody does that though; saying “Happy Birthday” and stuff like that. The tourists say stuff like, “Hi, Mom!”

Anyway, you can’t get in the studios usually, there are doormen who either know you or you have a badge or you are on a list or something. I joined the “I’m not a star” line and went in like I was someone’s kid; I was all, “I’m not really here, there’s nothing to see,” just like Sensei taught me. It works even when I’m NOT Robyn!

So while I was following the person I was pretending was my Mom, I saw the directory in the lobby. The HERO Channel was on the 16th floor.

On the elevator, someone asked me if I was here for, “bring your kid to work day.” That was a great idea, so I said “yes” and talked about how excited I must have been until they got off. I stayed on the elevator until everyone was off it and when it started back down I hit 16 and changed into Robyn. I put on Batman earrings and wore my belts garter—style. I wasn’t there to fight, I was there for show and for that, garter-style was the fashion statement to make!

When I got off the elevator, the only thing there was the reception area, no hallway with other offices, nothing but The HERO Channel. I sashayed again, right up to the receptionist who finished hanging up her last call and looked up at me.

“Good morning!” she greeted me,” what are you here for?” Her expression was slowly changing as she realized what I was wearing. She struggled to believe what she was seeing and I said, “I’m Robyn and I came here to see if I could get an interview!”

She drew breath slowly, figuring out what to do, then stabbed a button on her console, her voice went out on public address, “Don? Reception please. Don? Reception.”

Then she asked me if I was really the person who rescued the Bat and Blackwing. I said, “Yes,” when her console dinged and she hit the button and said, “Reception, may I help you?” and then she said, “Robyn is here to give an interview.” A moment later she said, “Robyn, from the news,… the girl who rescued the Bat and Blackwing?”

Two other people had come from the back and stopped and were staring at me. One technician had a headset with a mic around his neck and Kymm, one of the on-air people! Oh my God! It was actually Kymm! She’s Asian and she always wears these daring clothes that look totally happening! Anyway, both of them were just sort of standing there, all stupid. I hate it when that happens. The receptionist’s name was Jill, according to her name tag. She was still functioning despite the fact she’d been looking right at me most of the time. I had to reel-in my style or I’d wreck her too.

A guy in a maroon polo shirt with HERO Channel on the left breast came out saying, “You’re crazy, there’s no way she’s gonna just,…” He fell silent as he registered me standing there. He blinked a couple of times and said, “Holy stuff! It’s her!” and sort of stood there, gaping. He didn’t really say “stuff” but you know what he said.

Robyn arrives at The HERO Channel

“Don, meet Robyn, the girl everyone has been trying to find ever since she was all over the news last month. Robyn, meet Don, our programming manager. Don!” Jill barked, jarring his attention loose for a moment, “Robyn wants to know if we would like to interview her.”

“Interview?” he queried, then abruptly shifted his focus to me and exclaimed , “Interview! Yes!” I concentrated on controlling my style so I wouldn’t wreck him again. “Yes,” he said, “We’d love to interview you! When? When’s good for you?”

Jill’s eyes rolled: Don was gushing. Kymm was trying to echo Don’s interest in interviewing me, the tech-guy was looking around at everyone, trying to figure out what was going on — he wanted to be on top of things. I hate that this happens to people, it makes it so hard to talk to them. How come Jill didn’t lose it?

“Come with me,” Don said to Kymm and the tech guy. He invited me to come too and led us around the blind wall and across a wide back hall to a pair of private elevators. I know they were private, because when we got in there were only 3 floors, 16, 17 and 18. Don hit the button for 17. He looked at Kymm and asked, “You go on-air next, right?”

“Yes, with Jay.”

The elevator stopped and he held the door-close button. “Ok, you are working from studio-4 today, go straight there right now, don’t leave for any reason until your show is over.” He looked at the tech-guy, “Dave?”


“Drop what you are doing, you are working with Jay and Kymm today. Stay in 4, don’t leave until they’re done. Neither of you can say anything to anyone about Robyn being here, got it?”

They got it.

“This is a huge scoop, but if word leaks out, cops and PRIMUS and everyone will be crawling all over this place, we’ll be shut down. Not a word!”

“Got it!” They were both looking right at him and they looked like they understood this time. I hadn’t thought of the police or PRIMUS. No wonder this guy was such a big deal, he really knew what was going on. I was suddenly very grateful he was this good.

“OK, Kymm. Tell our viewers that we have a special broadcast coming on after your show. Tell them it’s a special event, tell them anything, just be consistent and don’t mention Robyn. Jay’s a pro, he will play along, but I mean it, you can’t say anything to anyone, not even Jay. Not a word to anyone until after you go off-air, got it?”

“Got it!”

“Dave, once the broadcast starts, lock the studio, no-one in or out. Kill all the phones but yours and Kymm’s. Got it?”

“Got it!”

He opened a cell phone and called the receptionist. “Jill, not a word to anyone right?”

“About what? Is there something to talk about?”

“That’s my girl! OK, I need you to call a crew for studio-2. Get Mike and Bunni. You don’t know what’s going on, Don’s on about something… right? Get me a make-up guy pronto. Everyone else: Studio-2 is off limits starting now.”

“Got it!”

“Last thing – I need you to call an ‘X drill,’ on 17.”

“How much time do you need?”

“Give me 2 minutes.”

“Got it!” She hung up and we heard on the public address system, “Attention everyone! X-warning! X-warning! Hang up all phones, turn off all workstations. Assume covered positions and remain quiet. X-warning! Hang up all phones, turn off all workstations. Assume covered positions and remain quiet.”

Don waited 30 seconds and said, “We’re are gonna need a heavy duty lawyer,” as he let the elevator door open.

He led me off the elevator to the right, down a deserted, quiet hallway. Only the emergency escape lights were on. We got to a door marked studio-2 and went into a small room with a glass wall looking out onto the studio. There were two other doors, one led to a tiny room that had nothing in it except another door that led to the studio itself. The other door turned out to be make-up. It was big, and had lots of fancy lights and mirrors and a pair of beauty-shop chairs. There were a couple people there talking to a guy about how he should let his hair grow.

The public address system came on again,“ Ok everyone, that’s it! Return to your work! The emergency is over!”

The lights came back on and the three people looked at us. Two of them looked like beauticians and the other guy was Mike, one of the on-air personalities. He usually works with Bunni. Mike was the tallest guy in the room. I think the reason he is Bunni’s on-air partner is he’s the only one taller than Bunni!

They are awesome. Mike is always kind-of serious but he’s hot and Bunni is just Bunni. She is amazing. She is really tall and dark with beautiful white hair and she has these crazy fingernails! She is totally classy though.

And they were gonna do my interview! Oh, how exciting!

Don introduced us and he said he was pleased to meet me and asked what the occasion was. He told him he was interviewing me and told Alice and Ray, the two beauticians, to get me ready because the interview had to be done and edited and ready to broadcast by 4:00pm today. Mike said that was awesome and asked him where Bunni was just as she walked in.

She saw me as soon as she walked in, she looked right at me, her face lit up and she said, “Hello! I’ve seen you on TV, I’m so glad to meet you! Are we interviewing you?“

She was looking at me and talking to me, getting her information from me. She was like Jill, she could hold a conversation with me without having to stare at something else. I was going to enjoy this!

I got in Ray’s chair and he and Alice started asking me questions about what was part of my costume and what could be changed and was I allergic to anything and could they apply make-up and just generally fussing about everything. Don took a moment to tell me that I was the first super besides American Gladiator or Team Liberty that they had been able to interview in the studio and how glad they were to do it and to relax that they would take good care of me. Ray and Alice had been looking at me the entire time and discussing ideas and considering what they might do and they decided that anything they did would just ruin me – they pronounced me perfect and ordered Bunni and Mike to “sit, sit, sit!”

Mike said they didn’t have time, the interview had to be ready to air by 4:00. Alice said, “You can’t go on-air in thaaaaaat…” He was wearing beach shorts, a T-shirt and flip flops.

“Watch me,” he said, and went out to the set.

“Mike’s such a fuss-budget, he’s going to make sure everything is ready. Don’t worry about him,” Bunni assured me.

I told her I wasn’t worried, I was excited. They were the best! Bunni got up and asked if I was ready. Was I ever! We went out to the set where Mike was locking the doors and turning on the “on-air” light. “OK everyone! Places!” he yelled when he saw us come out.

One of the technical men said they didn’t have a full crew or a director, they couldn’t start yet. Mike said, “I’ll be the director, we don’t need a full crew, make sure all the cameras are recording and you three man the mobile cameras. Standard lighting for Bunni and I, put a yellow gel on the guest spotlight.”

Bunni walked me back stage and told me to “wait here,” while that was going on, then walked onto the stage and said, “Ready, partner!”

“Roll-em!” Mike yelled, and that was it! We started just like that! He was right, too! It looks just wonderful! It’s starting now and I want to watch it! I’ll be back later!

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