Robyn’s Diary 5

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April 17,
Dear Diary,
It’s my birthday and Mother threw the most boring party… But that’s not what I want to tell you about. He was here! The Bat was watching our house tonight! Why? What is he looking for? I thought he only went after bad guys. But Daddy says he’s a bad guy like all metaX’s. Oh what do I do? I’m a metaX too, I just know it! Sensei tells me I’m just a very talented student, but he won’t let me show anyone what I have learned. He says I’m very good at my studies. He says the stuff I can do is perfectly natural, but that’s not true! If it were, I could show people! What if Dad finds out what I am? How do I find out for sure? And what about The Bat? Why is he watching our house? I have to find out.

the night of April 18,
Dear Diary,
I’m not so sure about this “Robyn” thing. I made the suit before I caught him spying on our house last night, but it’s the only suit I have that’s really comfortable and fits right for what I have to do. I went out as Robyn for 3 hours tonight and didn’t see him at all. I guess he’s not really watching our house after all. But, why was he here last night then?

the wee hours of the morning of April 19, 2004 (again)
Dear Diary,
I went to the internet and searched for sightings of The Bat. It says he’s always in New York and Gotham where the slums and warehouses are, so I went back out there tonight. It’s a long way on the bus, I have to get a better way of getting around. Plus I have to change after I get there and change back before I can ride home again. I didn’t see him, but I saw a lot of stuff like you only hear about in the papers or the news. I saw someone get mugged and beaten! It was horrible! I wanted to do something, but I froze. Next time I promised myself, I wouldn’t freeze. I didn’t either. There was a robbery at this beer place. I saw it from across the street. I waited until they came out and then I bombed them with a boomerang attack! They collapsed in a heap as soon as they came out of the store! The owner called the Police and they all thought it was The Bat! WOW! They actually thought I was The Bat! I am SO excited! I can’t wait for tomorrow!

April 20,
Dear Diary,
Sensei totally blew my mind at class today. He told me, “Young lady, you will cover more ground if you are in the air. You will find him faster if you are up high where you can see more.” How does he know stuff like that! How did he know what I did last night? But he’s right. I need to be up high where I can see. I will watch from the roof tops tonight. I wonder if that’s why Sensei has been teaching me about aerobatics and stuff. Has he known all along? How? It doesn’t matter. I bought myself a nice new lightweight hang-glider just for tonight. I can’t wait to try it out.

4:00 am, April 21
Dear Diary (again),
I know it’s late, I’m sorry. I just got back from watching The Bat and Blackwing! I saw them on top of a delivery truck and I followed them. I was on top of this old hotel on the waterfront and I saw them go by so I launched with my hang glider. It’s a wonderful kite! It’s light and easy to fly, too. I was worried when I saw them go into this tunnel, but I just dove across the river and was across in time to see them come out, but the people on top of the truck when they came out weren’t The Bat or Blackwing! They were unconscious, taped to the roof! The Bat and Blackwing were inside it, driving! They had some girl with them too, but I figured her out later. Anyway, I followed them to the airport. Good thing there was so much traffic. There were 3 other cars with them and a whole lot of people in them. Anyway, when they got to the airport they drove up to this huge airplane and its tail was open like those big military planes you see on the news all the time. And there were more guys and this tractor and this big box thingy with doors in one end but I figured that out too pretty soon. Anyway, The Bat stopped the truck too far from the plane and the guys from the cars were all yelling and stuff and a guy jumped out of the truck and opened the doors and made all these kids get out of the truck and they were hurt and crying and most of them were girls but there were boys too and these men were making them all go in this box thingy and then I figured out the guy who opened it was really Blackwing. Anyway, then The Bat just backs the truck right into their cars and crashes into the plane and ruins it. The guys are all mad and stuff too. I had a little trouble keeping track of what all was going on and trying to fly my kite too. Anyway, when I could see again I just saw this *huge* Bat shadow rise up out of the ground and it covered all the guys.

Watching The Bat
The above image will appear very dark. This is intentional as the setting is intended to be The Bat’s normal working environment.

I thought I was going to faint I was so scared! The guys were all frozen and everything and I thought I saw The Bat jump like a mile right at them! You should have seen them panic! Then somehow he’s rushing them from a different direction and Blackwing is rushing them too and they are all shooting and stuff. I thought they were going to kill them but they couldn’t because they were beating them up so fast. Oh it was awful! They were shooting at them and they were kicking major butt! It was two against like an army or something but it was all over so fast I couldn’t believe it! And the last thing kinda explained it all cause The Bat walked up to this guy who was threatening to kill this poor hurt little boy and he just grabbed his arm and did this awesome joint-break and I could hear it from the air! And the guy just collapsed. He soooo deserved it for hitting that little boy! Then he just walked away. Anyway the girl in the truck with them got all the kids into the box thing. I guess she knew there was gonna be all this shooting and stuff and when they left she got them all out and the cops came and American Gladiator was with them. He’s the guy that tried to arrest The Bat on TV a while ago. I don’t like him, even if he is cute! Anyway, I found out later those men were gonna sell all those poor kids like slaves! I don’t care what Dad thinks, he’s wrong! The Bat is a hero and so is Blackwing and I want to help them. I guess he must have been watching our house cause he knows how Daddy feels about him. Anyway, I tried out some of the stuff Sensei has been teaching me and I walked right though all those cops and Gladiator and I got his cape and two bat-boomerang thingies by pretending I was a cop!!!! The Bat is gonna be so proud of me when I meet him. I got all the license numbers from all the cars so I know where he will be so I can watch him more cause I just know he will go after them! Gosh, I can’t even sleep!

5:00 am, April 21 (again)
Oh yeah Diary, I’m sure about this Robyn thing now! But, I’m going to need more practice!

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