Robyn’s Diary 6

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April 28, 2004
Dear Diary,
I have learned so much in the last week! I have gotten really good at swinging and throwing swinglines with batarangs! I have 6 of them that I have found now! They work really well for carrying a swing line, they’re much easier than a boomerang. I have also been practicing on badguys, too. I want to get really good, then I want to meet The Bat and Blackwing and team up with them! I think I will be ready soon. Sensei says I am much more focused and I am sparing much better too. Sensei makes me do all my practice blindfolded now. I can take on 2 blackbelts sometimes and I can take on several lower students at once, even without boomerangs. He even spars with me sometimes. I think he takes it easy on me though.

Anyway, I have to tell you what happened last night! I got a motorcycle! I was out patrolling on my own and looking for some badguys to stop. Then I saw them, like eight of them all standing around this couple in this alley like they were gonna rob them and beat them up. So anyway, I decided to try that thing The Bat did at the airport that was so scary. I pretended to be The Bat and I walked into the end of the alley and deliberately made a noise so they would turn around and see me. I expected them to like panic and stuff. Not hardly! They just said, “There’s the Bat! Get him! And one of them got on his motorcycle while the others came running after me! So I hurried back out of the alley and ducked around a corner when I heard the motorcycle roaring up the alley. Now I can run, but not that fast! So I quick went inside the building where it was dark and hid, I didn’t know what to do! Anyway, the motorcycle came out of the alley and went up the street a ways and then came back. They all stopped at the end of the alley and talked for a second then they figured out I had to be inside the building. I was so scared! Anyway, they tried to get in through the doors but they were locked. One of them even said I couldn’t be inside cause the doors were locked from outside. Then one of them was all smart and said, “So where is he then?” Anyways, the motorcycle started again and the next thing I knew it came crashing in through a door. They came in behind it and started trying to find me. Then I realized they couldn’t see me in the dark! Sensei has been making me fight in the dark a lot and I knew where they all were! It was like I could see them, but I couldn’t! Anyway, I just walked myself right out into the middle of the light from the door and dared them to come get me. Only I dropped my Bat disguise and one of them said, “It’s a girl! Let’s have some fun boys!”

Robyn 6

Anyways, they all came in at me and I was a little scared but I just kept cool. Then I was like, Dance of the Stars! YAW! Just like Sensei taught me! I whipped my boomerangs on them and sprayed them. I only missed once with nine throws. You should have heard them yelling! They circled in toward me even though they couldn’t see me very clearly cause there was only the light from the broken door to see by. They were so stupid! They don’t even know anything! Anyways, I just kept away from them, moving around in the dark. First Path, yaw! I just went around picking them off with boomerangs. And one at a time, I beat them down! They got lucky and hit me a few times, too. I was scared the chain would hurt, but Scales of the Dragon! Like a wet pool noodle! After I knocked them all out, I collected my boomerangs and went and got the bike. The wind visor, one turn signal and the mirror were all broken and there were a bunch of scratches, but it was still ok, and it sure beat walking home! So I took the bike and here I am! Snug as a bug! I suppose they are going to be mad about the bike, but what are they gonna do? Tell the cops some girl beat them up and took their bike? I just don’t know how I am going to explain it to my Dad…

MAY 1, 2004
Law Enforcement Bulletin circulated throughout the metropolitan area:

Gang violence has been curtailed sharply as a result of vigilante activity in the New York City waterfront areas. For the past several days, gangs have been reported prowling the streets in large numbers, but they appear to be patrolling rather than pursuing normal activities in this area of the city. Effective immediately, all Law Enforcement Personnel are to give a wide birth to peaceful patrols by residents when banded together for the purpose of protecting their neighborhoods. The underlying cause of the change in behavior is not yet known. The expected duration of this change has not been determined. However, crime has dropped significantly in the area. Every effort shall be made to accommodate and encourage this new, peaceful development.

There has been speculation that the sole cause of the reduced crime rate is that the former perpetrators are now part of the patrolling mobs for whatever reason. This is a statistically supportable conclusion. There is additional speculation that the patrols are not for peaceful purposes, but are in fact an attempt to counter the efforts of vigilantes by opposing them in large numbers. Obviously, it is in the best, safety-conscious interest of all Law Enforcement Personnel to steer clear of any involvement until more information becomes available.

The New York Bugle:
April 30, 2004 (headline)

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