Robyn’s Diary 7

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sa•shay (saˈSHā): verb informal – 3rd person present: sashays; past tense: sashayed; gerund: sashaying

1. to walk in an ostentatious yet casual manner, typically with exaggerated movements of the hips and shoulders and exhibiting unusual grace, as a cat.

ex.: “Louise sashayed across the room in her long, black-satin dress”

May 1
Dear Diary

I have been following The Bat and Blackwing on patrols for almost two weeks now. They know I follow them, so I am careful to stay back. They tried to catch me once and they nearly did! I thought that would be impossible with the things I know how to do. Neither of them can even go through a wall without a door or a window or something easy, but that didn’t stop them. I have to be very careful. I do want to meet them, I want to join them eventually. But to do that, I need them to take me seriously. Besides, I still want to learn how they do some of that cool sneaking around stuff they do. Sometimes, they just vanish in an instant even if there is nowhere for them to go. Now I can hide, but not like that! I have a lot to learn before I ask them to let me join them.

I have to go out now, time to see what I can learn!

May 2

I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long, but so much has happened! I saved The Bat! I have to tell you about it!

Last night after midnight, I was following them which is very difficult. The Bat can swing an incredible distance when he wants too, and Blackwing’s flying lets him go directions I can’t begin to try, so I just try to watch where The Bat lands his swing-lines and try to follow him. He must know where the anchor spots are, there is no way he could possibly just wing it and always have a place to swing from. I am learning where the routes are, but every time I think I know what to expect he goes someplace new. This is exhausting!

All of a sudden, I see this guy surrounded by an aura, standing in the middle of the air in front of them. Oh my God this guy is built! He just flies up and stands there, in the air, and they both loose it! They both just fall down into this vacant lot! I lose it too and I crash land, sliding across the gravel on a roof nearby. He didn’t even know I was there and he made me crash!

Tor attacks

That could have hurt a lot except for my training. By the time I figure out where I am and start watching them, the big guy is demanding that The Bat and Blackwing apologize to him. I don’t know what for, but they are refusing anyway. Then the guy tells them if they don’t bow down, he will show them the penalty for defying the God of Thunder, whatever that means. I think that means a fight! This won’t take long, he is by himself, and he glows! Easy target!

The Bat launches a flying kick at the big guy’s head and the dummy doesn’t even try to duck! But he didn’t go down! He didn’t even get knocked back! The Bat back flipped away from him. That’s not what’s supposed to happen. You are supposed to move through where the guy’s head was and land behind him, and the guy is supposed to end up on his butt! As the Bat crouches into a leg sweep, Blackwing flies strait at the guy, head high. The guy lifts the leg The Bat was aiming at, and at the same time sort of slaps Blackwing across the lot into the side of a building. While Blackwing is sailing out of control, the big guy stomps down on The Bat’s sweeping leg when it stops dead against the guy’s planted foot. The Bat moves really quick, quicker than I do, but it didn’t bother the big guy at all. I become dizzy, like I can’t stand up. I am scared for them both, like this guy is so powerful! I can’t even make myself move from fear or something; all I can do is watch!

Blackwing falls to the ground and begins to scrape himself up as The Bat gets to his feet. He is hurt! He is limping badly on one leg! Then I see him flick something at the big guy and this cloud of smoke erupts out of his face. I’ve seen this before, it’s a miniature smoke grenade. This is the first time I have seen him throw it right into anyone’s face though. The smoke quickly spreads all over the place, I can’t see very much of anything, but I do see flashes of light and hear explosions all around where the big guy was standing. I didn’t know he had grenades! I see Blackwing fly up over the smoke, circling slowly, looking for his target.

A hammer comes up out of the smoke directly at Blackwing, hitting him in the chest! Blackwing is falling like a stone! And the hammer circles around and disappears into the smoke back to where it came from, like it was flying on its own! How?

Next thing I know, the smoke begins to swirl. The swirling spreads outward, taking control of the entire smoke cloud, turning it into a little tornado! And the big guy is controlling it by swinging his hammer in circles over his head! He sends it after The Bat but he can’t move fast enough to get away! It flings him into a building again and again! He’s killing him! Why can’t I move?

Then the tornado just holds The Bat up in the air, and it carries him and drops him next to Blackwing! Then this huge voice again, the guy tells them, “Never again make the mistake of disrespecting a god! Tor, God of Thunder, Son of Asgard, will not be dishonored!” His voice sounded like it filled the whole city! And he just flies away?!?!

They aren’t moving! Oh no! And the Police are coming! They think they are criminals! They won’t even care! I see a little movement, but just barely. The Bat is trying to move, but he is obviously too hurt. What do I do?

The police begin to arrive, cars show up from all directions. They drive right up to them, headlights blazing, slamming on the brakes at the last minute. Then they get out of their cars and approach really jumpy with guns and flashlights! They start telling them to freeze, and saying, “you’re under arrest” and all that stuff. They start kicking their legs and arms around. What if they are broken! They don’t even care! There are ambulances coming, the kind the cops use. The cops are taking their utility belts and backing away, holding guns on them, letting the ambulance crews do their work.

The Police approach

I realize I can move now. I have to do something! I am wobbly, I move slowly at first, testing to make sure I have all my muscle control the way Sensei taught me. Then I go over the side of the building and jump to the ground.

And I know just what to do.

I walk across the street toward them; Sensei says I “sashay.” I call out to the police, “Hi guys!” all sweet and innocent with my best smile.

In for a penny...

I don’t know exactly what it is, but I know that when Robyn really turns on the charm, people just sort of go all stupid. I sure hope it works now. Otherwise I could be in big trouble. Cops and ambulance guys everywhere look up at me. They are surprised at first, and some of them turn on me defensively. Some of them smile at me. One of them even fumbles his gun! Poor guy. They can’t help it, but it’s kinda funny.

I really let “it” loose on them, like I’m the prom queen or something, strolling right out in the middle of them all, just as dazzling as I can be. Pretty tough trying to dazzle in a straight-black leotard, but I pull it off every time I try. By the time I get to The Bat and Blackwing, the cops are all pretty much standing around and just gaping at me. Good, I know where they all are and I won’t get any surprises.

I walk up to the officer who is holding their utility belts and ask, “Can I have those, please?” The officer mutely hands them to me, unable to speak or even think for himself by the looks of him. This could be a really useful talent for me if it didn’t totally destroy intelligent conversation. They all act like stunned school-boys.

I look around; I need some way to move them. I ask one of the ambulance guys to get me one of those nice little ambulances and back it right up here. He readily agrees and hustles off, gets the ambulance, and backs it straight in. By the time he gets back out of the cab and starts to approach, he looks like he is in control of himself again. He comes around the back of the ambulance all testy and looks right at me and asks who I think I am and why I am suddenly giving all the orders.

I tell him, “I’m not giving orders, really! I just want to help these poor guys! They’re hurt so bad!” While I’m still speaking, he looses his self control, falling back into the same stupor everyone else is in, staring at me. I put the ambulance guys to work, “will you nice gentlemen help me get these poor guys into this ambulance, please?” Slowly, lethargically, they force the suggestions I give them to become actions, obeying my requests only with concentration. It takes all they have to muster enough self control to follow my step by step instructions, “put them on those little beds, move them to the ambulance, put them in.”

Great, now I have them both loaded, now what? I could take them to the warehouse district, to their hideout, but then everyone in the world would know where that was. I go into the back of the ambulance. All of the policemen and ambulance guys mutely shuffle around back of the ambulance, trying to watch me. They really are sweet. Kinda funny actually, all staring like puppies.

I see The Bat and Blackwing are both alive and semi-concious. I ask The Bat where I should take him. His eye slits open briefly, I can’t tell if he focused on me or not. I hope he at least trusts me. I don’t even know if he can hear me. He struggles to move his arms, they are strapped to the bed with those straps, so I release them. He feels at his waist, fumbling. He is looking for his belt! I hand it to him. He is clumsy from the beating he took. He fumbles with the belt for a moment and seems to give up. Now what do I do? I don’t know where else to take him, but I don’t want to give away his hideout either! What do I do?

Just then I notice the police are moving for some reason, so I look around outside. Wow! There is this awesome looking car moving up beside the ambulance. It is really dark, dark blue, almost black. It has these big tail fins that remind me of The Bat’s cape, and then I see it, a Bat symbol on the center of each wheel hub! He has a car! How come I never saw the car before if I have been following him for weeks?

The car arrives

I look closer and no-one is in it! It came here by itself! Now I know what he was doing! He made his car come here! Now I know what I have to do!

“Fellas, could you all help me get these guys into that car?” They are such nice people, all of them. They help unload the Bat and Blackwing from the ambulance, unstrap them and help me put them in the back seat of the car. And what a car! The back seats recline! Oh my God what a nice looking car too! The seats recline themselves and the nice officers buckle up the seat belts nice and tight for me. One of them even gets the driver’s door for me! What a sweet man!

OK, now what? I have them in the car, and I am in the driver’s seat. Door locks! Locked. Start the car, OK! Wait, it’s running. Oh yeah, hel-LO girlfriend!!! It just drove itself up here, of course its running! OK, car is running.

Uh, correction: car is talking to me! “Hello Madam, how shall I address you?” a voice says, coming from everywhere at once. The voice is kindly, older, and sort of English sounding.

“Uh, uh, I’m Robyn?!?!”

“Are you quite sure, Madam?” the voice inquires.

“Y-yes,..” I stammer. Great. I’m so scared it’s coming out in my voice. I have no idea why I should be shook up. I have just snatched The Bat and Blackwing, two wanted supers and supposed menaces to the human race, away from dozens of policemen completely on my own. I am in so much trouble! Get a grip girl!

“How may I be of assistance?” the car asks me.

“I have The Bat and Blackwing in the back seats, and they are hurt!”

“Yes, I am aware of that. What would you like me to do?” The voice is maddeningly calm.

“Take us someplace safe! Hurry!” I smile out the window and nervously wave at the nice policemen who are beginning to show signs of conscious curiosity.

“Am I to understand that you mean to ride along?”

“Yes! Hurry!”

“As you wish, Miss Robyn.” The car starts moving toward the street. Policemen step out of the way, watching, but less dumbly and more curiously now. By the time the car reaches the street, there is a general dawning realization among them that I just took their prisoners, pretty as you please, right from under their noses. Excited policemen everywhere begin jumping into cars to give chase. Oh boy, am I out of my depth. “Hurry! Go! Go!” I tell the car.

The car goes. Oh my God, does the car go. I feel myself jammed back into the seat, hard. I can hear motor noise for the first time, a quiet rumble rising in the background. Buildings flash past on both sides for a few seconds as we head for a freeway ramp. We go up so fast it seems like we are gonna just fly into the air, but somehow the car stays stuck to the road, rushing through freeway traffic like it was all parked. I have a hard time moving like this on a motor-bike!!! I glance at the dash out of curiosity. It can’t be right. No one can drive 124 miles an hour on a freeway in the city, even at night.

Traffic all but disappears as we leave the city – it has been only moments. The car accelerates again, hard. The motor even sounds angry, like it’s summoning all its rage to destroy the distance in front of it. The digital dash scrolls past 200 and just keeps going. 250 seems to be cruising speed, for about 4 minutes. Abruptly we are off the freeway, moving on side roads at speeds that are ridiculous even for open highways.

Now I find myself riding in a huge beast of a car, going way too fast for two lane roads, in the middle of nowhere, being propelled by this furious sounding engine! New York is a huge city, but we are all the way out in the boonies in nothing flat. We are approaching the coastline when the car attacks this desolate side-road following the shoreline, howling off at breakneck speed again. Just as I manage to relax my white-knuckle-death-grip on the armrests again, the car rounds a turn into a straight section of road and I look up to see this sheer rock wall a little ways in front of us. Then the car does something completely unimaginable, it accelerates violently, directly at the rock face! I scream, duck, and cover my head, expecting to die.

After several screaming breaths, I realize we should have crashed already. Gasping for breath and shaking all over, I look up. We are in a tunnel, and the car is slowing down. We are approaching this huge cavern area filled with this huge pit!!!!!! We drive out onto a bridge that only goes half way across the pit!!!! It ends in a large round platform and there is a little walk-way that leads from it to the edge of the pit and the rest of the cave. The car comes to a stop and shuts itself off, I didn’t touch anything.

My door opens, or rather this butler looking guy opens my door. He extends his hand to me, offering to help me get out of the car and I hear the car’s voice coming from his mouth saying, “Come along, young lady! I shall require your assistance attending to the Masters!”

I’ve had enough, I faint.

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