Storyline Supplement 1

This is a supplementary timeline of events that occurred in the RPG that my friends played and is provided to fill in some (many?) of the events that happened that I don’t know enough about to tell the stories here. If I do learn enough about the stories, of course I’ll illustrate and tell them! Or perhaps other who actually played them will write them for posting. I provide the information to flesh out some of the activity that is always happening related to supers in the world.

Sept 8 Nuclear Fructosion market release.
Sept 9 US eastern seaboard swept by poisoning epidemic.
Sept 10 Nuclear Fructosion first suspected in poisoning scare.
Sept 11 Nuclear Fructosion confirmed culprit.
Sept 12 Nuclear Fructosion pulled from all retail outlets (hopefully)
Sept 15 Poisoning victims over 500,000. Most die in under 3 days.
Sept 22 Poisoning victims over 800,000.
Sept 29 Poisoning victims over 900,000.
Sept 30 First Poisoning survivor confirmed.
Oct 1 Last documented poisoning case.
Oct 10 National Enquirer reports Space Alien Body Recovered After Crash in Arizona
Oct 21 Unidentified Flying Man Stops Freeway Sniper in CA.
Nov 8 Flash and accomplice arrested.
Dec 8 CA Flying man identified as The Knight; prevents distressed ferry from sinking long enough to rescue passengers.
Jan 19 Stray poisoning case turns up in San Diego.
Feb 28 Black Awareness event attacked.
Mar 6 Battle at Dupree Chemicals. Tor’s first appearance (and defeat).
Mar 8 Bugle villifies Team Liberty following Dupree Chemical battle.
Mar 10 CA poisoning victim certified dead.
Mar 19 Prison break by Grond and Herculon foiled.
Apr 10 First appearance by Team Liberty in about 3 weeks. No explanation of absence given.
Apr 16 LA Supers Convention begins.
Apr 18 Last day of LA convention, attempted mass arrest of unsanctioned metahumans fails miserably.
Apr 19 Millenium City Alien Facility attacked by Victor von Domovich.

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