Robynaka: Rachael Lawless (secret)
Age: 15
Height: 5′-0″
Association: Independent

Intelligence – practical human maximum
Sanity – average
Character – above average
Maturity – below average
Sophistication – near practical human maximum
Wisdom – above average
Strength – well above average
Speed – practical human maximum
Endurance – practical human maximum
Dexterity – practical human maximum
Durability – practical human maximum
Recovery – practical human maximum

Power/Skill Set: Acrobatics, Analysis, Combat awareness, Dazzle, Deception, Martial Arts, Regeneration, Kunoichi (Ninjitsu), Tactical planning, Technology,

Rachael Lawless is the teen-age daughter of J. Cranton Lawless, a public administrator at the federal level in the law-enforcement sector. A former field agent promoted to analyst, he eventually became a senior administrator. Rachael was one of the victims of the terrorist incident which kicks off the events in this story. She’d been an “A” student and an intramural athlete – these attributes guided her response the mutagens afflicting her. As she lay helpless, J. Cranton found purpose – prosecution of those responsible. His interest and intelligence gathering efforts in the matter drew the attention of Whitehouse level executives, and his analysis produced information which led to the decision to form a special executive agency to focus on the new globally-significant phenomenon of meta-humans, called P.R.I.M.U.S.

Rachael awoke from weeks of delirium in a private hospital. Doctors and nurses were overjoyed that one of their patients had survived, it seemed she was a rarity. She was told that there would be tests, and she asked her father what sort of tests they would be. His face darkened; he never answered and the tests never came. She was dismissed from the hospital the next day and cared for at her home until it was clear she didn’t need further medical attention. Soon her mutations began to reveal themselves to her surreptitiously attentive father, her sudden perfect grades and prodigious physical ability were clues enough to tell him what he needed to do, and he acted promtly.

She didn’t know it, but J. Cranton was ensuring that she didn’t receive any more official attention than was absolutely necessary. His posting as Director of P.R.I.M.U.S. made him responsible to ensure the public was well informed about and protected from any risks associated with meta-humans. He’d been a federal administrator long enough to know what that meant; it was tantamount to persecution. He was not going have his daughter suffer that – all reference to her disappeared from all databases being compiled on either the poisoning incident or Meta-humans. He was also not going to allow her physical capacity to be wasted, he enrolled her in an exclusive, private martial arts academy run by a man he’d “crossed paths” with years earlier, one Dacahana Onichigawa. Their relationship was superficial, but supremely trustworthy; Rachael would get the best possible training with unrivaled discretion.

NOTE: Robyn’s is an evolving costume, she started out unassociated, unsupported, and unequipped. She is also a 15-year-old girl: “Who wants to wear the same thing all the time? Ewwwww!” She wears high-heels, except when she doesn’t. Her gloves are opera length, except when they aren’t. Her leotard is so dark its almost black, except when it isn’t. And her boots… you get it.

The Bat does the best job of analyzing her costume, I’ll let his explanation stand (if you find it!).

IP Status: Copied

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