Acknowledgments, Shouts, etc.

There are several published friends I’d like to recognize here. Here are their sites for your perusal: is the original page to which I posted many stories before I began 3D modeling. There is a lot of illustration there by a talented friend of mine named John. There is also a lot of creative work by a host of others. It was the inspiration for launching this site. is a podcast by 5 sisters, one of who I met at about the time I began working on my entry into the 2014 Miss Renderosity Pageant. She was kind enough to give me much feedback, much of which I took and was in part responsible for my advancing to the semifinal round! is an exhibit by RodS of Rod’s work using mostly a different 3D modeling software. He also offers a link to his facebook page. I met rod competing in the 2014 Miss Renderosity Pageant.

There is also a host of unpublished friends

I’d like to acknowledge, but they prefer to remain anonymous. Thank you all the same.