This is where I will post stories that do not pertain to the main storyline. That needs clarification.

“Introducing Buddy Kirby” took place in San Diego with a hero who fought a bad guy robbing a bank and none of that bears on the main story. There is, a point later on where a storyline character refers to events in that story to characterize events in another story, however the main story line can stand without it.

In the story “Alone,” Bunni battles the most formidable evil to appear anywhere in this fan-art sight. The story contains a character development point, a BIG one. For this reason only, it needs to be given a place in time. The story never comes to light. The battle does not bear on the main story arc. There is no “?visible?” connection here, its an isolated story. As such, it does not belong in The Story, so it goes,… Elsewhere. – Editor in Chief

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