aka: Steve Rogers (public)
Age: 50-ish
Height: 6′-2″
Association: None

Intelligence – average
Sanity – average
Character – theoretical human maximum
Maturity – well above average
Sophistication – below average
Wisdom – well above average
Strength – near theoretical human maximum
Speed – near theoretical human maximum
Endurance – near theoretical human maximum
Dexterity – near theoretical human maximum
Durability – near theoretical human maximum
Recovery – near theoretical human maximum

Power/Skill Set: Acrobatics, Hand-to-hand Combat, Presence, Shield, Thrown Objects,

Thirty years ago the U.S. Defense Department was involved in a top secret research project to produce super soldiers by using mutagenics to enhance the physical attributes of people selected for character and loyalty. With mutagenic research going global, concerns about the possible military significance heightened. If another country were successful and we had no answer, the consequences could be as severe as coming in second to Germany in the nuclear research race of WWII.

After the mutagenic serum was developed and successfully tested on Steve Rogers, the program was scrapped and officially never existed due to concerns about what would happen if the candidate selection process were compromised or a soldier was captured and the serum reverse engineered by a rival power. Steve was “discovered” by military intelligence and became Captain America, the only superhero in existence for nearly 3 decades, and a walking American flag – a living, breathing example of what every proud citizen wants to be. Ten years later, he married Peggy Carter, a Government Security Operative, and they had a daughter. He continued to Operate as Captain America for the Defense Department until he became disillusioned about the character of the government being noble.

He is publicly perceived as patriarch of Team Liberty and openly serves as mentor and role-model for American Pryde and Kitty Pryde, two of its members.

IP Status: Copied

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