Hardware aka: Curtis Metcalf (secret)
Age: 18
Height: 6′-4?
Association: Team Liberty

Intelligence – theoretical human maximum
Sanity – average
Character – above average
Maturity – average
Sophistication – average
Wisdom – average
Strength – exceptional
Speed – exceptional
Endurance – above average
Dexterity – well above average
Durability – exceptional
Recovery – theoretical human maximum

Power/Skill Set: Genius, Symbiotic nanites, Technology (energy, energy projection, robotics),

Curtis Metcalf was the leader of three high-school science fair participants whose exhibit was given the place of honor in the “Prep Division” at the New York World Science Fair. Exhibitors from all over the world were present in several divisions including Private, Corporate, and a curious one called Independent Genius. When an accident set a disaster in motion at a nearby dimensional-portal exhibit, Metcalf and his friends acted heroically to reestablish the containment field.

During the action, Curtis was attacked by alien nanites giving off unidentified radiation. The nanites burrowed into Curtis’ tall, lanky frame and took up residence, forming a symbiotic relationship with their host. He and his friends survived thanks to help from other exhibitors and Dr. Richards, a staffer from the then-fledgling Team Liberty.

Curtis’ current physical statistics are all based on his symbiotic nanite “infestation.” Previously he had been unremarkable other than height.

IP Status: Copied

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