Bunni zu Heltzer
aka: none
Age: 27 (apparent)
Height: 6′-0″
Association: The HERO Channel

Intelligence – well above average
Sanity – exceptional
Character – average
Maturity – well above average
Sophistication – theoretical human maximum
Strength – exceptional
Speed – well above average
Endurance – exceptional
Dexterity – exceptional
Durability – mythological
Recovery – exceptional*

Power/Skill Set: Beauty, Charisma, Charm, Class, Culture, Grace, Personality,…  
oh yeah – and Dagger Mastery, Life Drain, Life Stealing, Necromantic Magic, Shapeshifting, Staff Mastery, Suggestion, Telepathy,

Bunni zu Heltzer was born in 3081 B.C., before the Great Flood*, when giants roamed the earth along with several other sentient races.  Spellcraft, holy wars, and epic battles between good and evil (and epic debates over the definitions of good and evil) were the order of the day.  Her father was a Canthan noble and an her mother was an Elonian merchant. She grew up in the comfort of her mother’s house where money bought whatever was needed.

When she turned 21, she went out clubbing to celebrate (HEY, it’s MY story! Just enjoy it!) and met a handsome stranger who didn’t have her best interests at heart.  In fact he didn’t have much of a heart at all, being a Vampire.  As an accomplished Necromancer, Bunni was fascinated to meet such a high-functioning undead.  He overpowered her and bit her repeatedly, ensuring that she would become a Vampiric thrall (and subject to his control).

As a Necromancer, she fully understood her fate.  Her homeland idealized the Paragons, chivalrous upholders of virtue for the sake of the common good.  Now dependant on the lives of others for sustenance, she could not remain and expect to be tolerated for long.  Her father’s homeland was more hospitable but not very comfortable, she was a dark skinned desert denizen and the zu Heltzers were pale-skinned forest-dwellers.   Being Kurzick, the zu Heltzers were at war with the Luxons giving her a ready source of lives to consume.  Fighting for the Kurzicks, at least she would not be persecuted for what she was.

Over the next five millennia, she learned much about people, politics, culture, life and the afterlife, and most importantly; money and power.  She has seen the great flood, wars of conquest, crusades, purges, and natural disasters – here and in other planes of existence – has been pursuer and pursued, and has felt betrayal and revenge.  When she had her “handsome stranger” dealt with, she became free and began to learn how to function among the living again.

It’s been tough, but she persevered.  Recently, say the last couple hundred years or so, technology, feminism, and laissez-faire culture have made joining the living relatively easy, from a social standpoint.  Taking advantage of the very, very recent “undead craze” since 2000 or so, she began to make a reputation for herself in the public eye where she has longed to be accepted for centuries (literally).  She decided to openly claim to be a Vampiress anticipating that no one would take it seriously and that the public spectacle would give her time in the spotlight and opportunity for fame and acceptance.  It worked, she became “The Queen of the Night,” famous for being famous for “doing undead” better than anyone else.  No one believes she’s really undead, she’s just accepted for playing the role really well. Centuries of experience have given her unmatched charm, culture, and grace to add to her distinctive looks and unique accent yielding an entertainment commodity she markets with enthusiasm.

She’s the last classical Vampire.  The werewolves, the undead legions, the mythological monsters, they’re all gone.  She’s happy with that.  She’s happy being publicly accepted.  She’s begun searching for the ultimate philosophical reason for existence, trying to unravel the meaning of her own.

The poisoning was both a blessing and a curse.  When supers began to emerge as a regular phenomenon, the entertainment industry was not far behind and The HERO Channel joined the hundreds of cable and satellite options as a unique source for superhero news and entertainment.  When its launch was announced, Bunni saw her chance to go global; she went for an audition and was hired on the spot.  Now the “Queen of the Night” is also the 6-foot tall, dark-skinned, fang-flashing, claw-sporting, white-eyed, white-haired darling of the broadcasting world.  On the other hand, now the world is just full of freaks again…

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  • According to James Ussher’s chronology, Creation took place in 4004 BC, dating the Great Flood to 2348 BC.