Xtreme aka: Kenna Clarke (semi-public)
Age: 18
Height: 5′-6?
Association: Team Liberty

Intelligence – practical human maximum
Sanity – average
Character – average
Maturity – below average
Sophistication – average
Wisdom – below average
Strength – exceptional
Speed – super
Endurance – exceptional
Dexterity – exceptional
Durability – super
Recovery – exceptional

Power/Skill Set: Breath control, Computer genius, Enhanced strength, Flight, Invulnerability, Radio hearing, Telescopic/Microscopic vision,

Xtreme (while still an infant) and her parents crash landed near Roswell, New Mexico, 18 years ago while escaping from their doomed homeworld to the only other world their science had yet confirmed could and did support complex, sentient life. The family were discovered and harbored by the staff of a Top Secret Air Force activity nearby. Her parents did not survive long, their injuries were grievous. She was “adopted” and raised by the Clarkes, a retired Air Force family who had settled in the area. As she grew up in the desert with its abundant sunshine, she manifested genius IQ along with some other, more alarming, characteristics; over the years she developed super speed, increased strength, extremely high tolerance to traumatic force, exceptionally exceptional eyesight and hearing, and breath control. When she began to fly, the Air Force renewed its interest in her, officially.

She was asked to participate in research, all very flattering and very smoothly presented. After a short time, her sequestration in an underground bunker left her weakened from lack of exposure to the sun, not to mention missing her friends and wondering why she couldn’t have a key to the outside. The facilities proved to be a match for her weakened physical condition, but not for her computer skills. She eventually crashed the entire security system in such a way that it unlocked all doors and then executed its disaster recovery protocol – everyone was directed to evacuation routes, including her, and once she was outside, she never looked back.

The resulting search failed to take into account that desert exposure would not cause her heat-stress as with a human – every moment in the sun made her stronger. Before she was discovered she had recovered and she wasn’t going anywhere with any of those “nice Air Force people.” While her adoptive parents were glad to finally see her again, they found her somewhat rebellious and difficult to manage.

She was eventually visited by Stephanie Rogers who expressed interest in her and in her abilities. Xtreme smelled a rat and rather rudely let Stephanie know just how opposed she was to the idea of any more government hospitality. Stephanie, not being fond of sailing through the air for any distance unless it was under her own propulsion, proceeded to explain to Xtreme just exactly how rudely she felt she’d been treated – and the two came away with a level of mutual respect.

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