The Nature Boy
aka: Buddy Kirby (public)
Age: 30-ish
Height: 6′-2″
Intelligence – average
Sanity – average
Character – theoretical human maximum
Maturity – average
Sophistication – average
Wisdom – average
Strength – well above average*
Speed – well above average*
Endurance – well above average*
Dexterity – well above average*
Durability – well above average*
Recovery – well above average*

Power/Skill Set: Character, Charisma, Crowd Empathy, Hand-to-hand Combat, Wrestling,

The Nature Boy, Buddy Kirby is an International Wrestling Champion.  One day during an on-camera interview, he chugged a tainted can of Nuclear Fructosion – chugged it.  The resulting drama, caught on camera in front of 20,000 fans, played well with the pro-wrestling crowd.   As trainers and medical responders rushed to the interview stage to treat him, speculation ran rampant as to which evil-alliance wrestler did such a dastardly deed.

Buddy, acutely aware of the genuine peril he was in, played to the camera and thus to the entire crowd watching on the jumbo-trons suspended above the “squared circle,” by valiantly struggling to get up.  The crowd responded.  His body and the poison reacted.  His internal struggle became much more painful.  Realizing how badly he needed the morale boost if he were to survive, he dug deep and summoned every ounce of courage to force his pain wracked body to respond.  The crowd went nuts, roaring its approval.  His body and the poison reacted.  He refused to quit, and after a 5-6 minute struggle, rose to his knees.

As the medics and trainers stepped back from what they thought might actually be an impromptu publicity scene, the cameras showed the crowd the pain wracked face of their hero refusing to collapse, and Nature Boy fans in the arena and at home all over the world screamed and cried and generally poured out all the encouragement they could dredge up.  Two to three minutes later, he managed to get to his feet and the Nature Boy, Buddy Kirby, became the only mutagenic poisoning victim ever to survive the ordeal and recover completely in anything less than 4 weeks and without losing consciousness.  It was over, chug to recovered, in less than 10 minutes.

He is pretty straight-forward.  Normally he is on a par with a lesser supers such as say Daredevil or Harley Quinn.  However, with battle confronting him and a crowd behind him, he thrives on the energy of those cheering for deliverance from whatever evil threatens, and he becomes much more powerful; his physical attributes increase based on the number of fans cheering for him.  Combining this Crowd Empathy with his signature wrestling moves which include the Immovable Object, the Irresistable Force, the Jungle Tangle and the Boa Body Breaker, he is a force to be reckoned with.

*Each of his physical attributes increase one full level for each order of magnitude of people in the crowd rooting for him. 1-9 people cheering raises his attributes to practical human maximum. 10+ fans raises them to theoretical human maximum.  100+ fans raises his attributes to exceptional. At 10,000+ cheering bystanders, he reaches the pinnacle of his power potential and all his attributes become super.  He could take on Xtreme, Thor, Greyhulk,… anyone.

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