Blackwing aka: Jeff Reynolds (secret)
Age: 17
Height: 6′-0?
Association: The Bat

Intelligence – above average
Sanity – above average
Character – average
Maturity – average
Sophistication – average
Wisdom – average
Strength – exceptional
Speed – above average
Endurance – super
Dexterity – above average
Durability – above average
Recovery – super

Power/Skill Set: Aerobatics, Flight, “Immortality,” Near instantaneous regeneration (lost limbs and organs take a bit longer), Remote sensory perception via Raven, Strength,

Jeff Reynolds is (… was?… well, he’s not really dead,… or at least not ‘still’ dead,… no pun intended… anyway,…) a fan of horror-adventure works of all sorts, and his mutation as a result of surviving the poisoning is macabre to say the least. He and his entire family died as a result of what was supposed to be a celebration.

Upon his “death” in his living room, he has the unique opportunity to take in the horror of a celebration gone wrong. In an out-of-body experience and perceiving himself to be floating over the bodies of himself and his family, he recoils from the carnage. Exiting his home he sees others suffering from the poison; people who had just been walking down a street, kids who were on the sidelines at a soccer game waiting to be sent in, a wealthy family and their guests inexplicably collapsing after toasting some happiness in the host’s mansion, and several other scenes. During his flight, he becomes aware that he has been following a Raven – which seems strangely appropriate given the tragedies he’s witnessing.

The best explanation of his death is, “it was a clinical death.” By the time his body is discovered with his family, there is already a massive burden on emergency medical and coroner services which precipitates acceleration of administrative procedures with regard to dead (and apparently dead) poisoning victims. John’s “life signs” were nothing if not exceptionally faint, and he is pronounced dead and buried along with his family. In his grave, his body’s interactions with the mutagen are influenced by similarities between his own fate (being buried) and the plot of The Crow, a favorite movie of his.

While buried, he undergoes what will later be described as an “inter-dimensional regeneration.” It takes one lunar month, after which he forces his way out of his grave to find his raven guide sitting on his headstone, as if waiting for him.

When he finally regains true consciousness, he realizes that he is not just in some horrible, endless nightmare but a real-life nightmare. First he has to bodily force his way out of his own grave. Then he follows the raven (which was waiting for him) to the scene of his most vivid nightmare-memory which turns out to be Wayne Manor, where a party turned into a massive catastrophe in which nearly 100 people died. Here he meets Alfred and recounts his tale. Alfred’s compassion and understanding of John’s strange predicament moves him to offer refuge. As he has no life to return to, he makes little to no effort to maintain his identity as Jeff beyond being an “amnesiac orphan of the terrorist incident.”

His power is deceptive. He is not phenomenally fast or skilled in combat. He can fly which solves most of his mobility problem. He has ridiculous recovery, wounds seem to heal instantly. He has unusual strength. He can also see and hear through the raven’s eyes and ears.

And he has the mentorship of The Bat.

IP Status: Copied