The single thing I get the most requests for is more Bunni zu Heltzer. As you can imagine, this is not hurting her feelings! In fact she’s made it quite clear that she and I owe it to her fans to give them what they want. There will be more Bunni zu Heltzer stories in “Elsewhere” and she will be part of the main story arc in “The Story” going forward.

If you want to see other stuff, communicate! This site is blog-formatted; all you have to do is register and post!

And now, for those who have asked for it, MORE BUNNI!

I’m starting with the first two images of Bunni zu Heltzer ever published. In 2014, I was invited by to participate in their “First Annual Miss Renderosity Pageant” and jumped at the chance. By then I’d been working on Bunni for about 6 months off and on and felt pretty good about her. The Miss Renderosity contest was global, there were hundreds of entries. As in any beauty pageant, the first round was a swimsuit competition. I fashioned the swimsuit myself. She was voted into round two of the contest and we were ecstatic – her first published image made the grade! We were disappointed that she didn’t get voted through to the final round, but debuting in the 81st percentile of a global contest was awesome!

I’ve learned a lot about 3D modeling and Bunni has come a LOOONG way since then. The differences you will see in the rest of her shots are the result of years of learning and development.

This was the first image of Bunni published anywhere – June 2104.
This shot was for a Halloween door poster decoration.
As long as she was in her armor, we kept shooting. Being a Vampiress, of course she can change into bats and mists and wolves, but being able to change just enough to have wings and still remain human, THAT takes talent!